My Technology Experience

I have been working in technology my whole life.

I received my first computer at at 14. Most guys my age dreamed of their first car, I wanted a computer. Upon receiving it, I taught myself everything I could about how to operate it, I started taking it apart. I was completely in love. Within months I built my first two computers out of used parts that my school was throwing away. In high school I took vocational classes and learned that I had a real talent for technology and electronics.

I began building and repairing computers for money in high school and even after graduation I ran a business on the side. After graduation, I got a job at the local 911 dispatch center working the graveyard shift, and after I got off there I worked at our local computer repair shop for a few hours.

I worked in law enforcement in various positions. One of those, involved working for a city which ran their own Wireless Internet Service Provider. I was given the job of being a Police Officer half of the time, with the other half spent as the city’s Technology Director. I dealt with all the cities IT concerns as well as managing this Wireless Internet Service Provider. It certainly had it’s own set of challenges and taught me a whole new skill set.

After working in law enforcement for a few years I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life long term and I started my own business with storefront full time.

My first business lasted about 5 years until I was divorced and started my life over, I reinvented myself and eventually started another computer store.

My second business lasted about 10 years, but for health reasons and the birth of my son, I sold the business and moved.

I now choose to work from home and I really enjoy what I do. I enjoy to find solutions for people. Technology can be quite frustrating for some people. I am a problem solver by nature and I love what I do.